Web Summit 2021 in Brief

This year, Web summit, the best technology conference, was held at Altice Arena and Exhibition & Congress Centre in Lisbon, Portugal by following all health protocols. More than 42 thousand people who love high technology happenings attended this event to catch up as startups, investors, geeks, media, etc.

As usual, people and media agencies had interesting conversations on different channels and social media platforms, Web Summit social media team was active either and covered most of the happenings from 10/27/2021 to 11/10/2021 on social media.

Therefore Zelkaa as a media and social media monitoring and analysis platform, gathered this conference data from social media and analyzed all mentions on Instagram and Twitter.

In total, there were more than 56 thousand mentions about Web Summit 2021 which gained approximately 169 million impressions by users.

This year, attendees enjoyed the words of more than 700 speakers, but you can see the most mentioned ones on social media in the following were in order:

1. Amy Poehler

2. Craig Federighi

3. Tom Keiser

4. Werner Vogels

5. Nikolaj Coster

Web summit mentions analytics on Twitter

It seems, Web Summit has experienced more engagement on Twitter than Instagram and Zelkaa has recorded 118,090,128 impressions from this platform.

From 48,209 Shared tweets, 59% have been written by women; This data calculated from users that Zelkaa could detect their gender.

Also influencers tweeted 2615 mentions about this conference and they absolutely helped the impression increase.

By Zelkaa media analytics tool, we could detect that as people were talking about Web Summit, what their aspects were. 49% of them were satisfied, 32% unsatisfied and 17% neutral.

Also It would be interesting to know that 14,867 unique users shared their thoughts of Web Summit on Twitter.

What was going on on Instagram?

It would be fascinating to know that WOMEN played a main role in sharing posts on Instagram: 71% of users who had mentioned Web Summit, were female.

24% of shared posts belonged to startups accounts on Instagram and influencers shared 119 posts.

At the end, when data speaks, everything seems clearer than always. You can connect the dots and take steps more strategically.



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